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Yes. We guarantee that our formula when implemented is affective for all people and all businesses. You need to guarantee
that you will commit to the plan created to reach its full potential. If however you have not reached the results we were
aiming for after the twelve month program, we will continue working with you at no extra charge.

Typically a business coach is someone who helps guide you through the processes of creating a successful business. We work with you to
achieve the goals that will make your business abundant in all areas. However, we are far more than just a business coach. We believe in
the Universal Laws that govern the lives of all human beings and will teach you how to apply them to your everyday life to help you live out your dreams.

The most successful companies in the world hire mentors and coaches.
The most successful athletes, singers, movie stars and entrepreneurs hire coaches to bring the best out in them and push them to achieve what it is
they want. A business coach is experienced in the field of business and can help you discover more ways to be the best and structure your business to work for you.

Our ideal client is the small to medium sized business owner who has struggled for so many years trying to build a business. Someone who believes that employing staff is a nightmare. Someone who is complaining that business sales are low because of the economy. Someone who thinks that their industry is controlled by the industry giant.
Someone who says you can’t or it’s too hard or impossible. There are so many business owners who have very limited beliefs. Our dream is to inspire and motivate business owners to believe in the infinite of possibilities and make dreams come true.

It does not matter what type of business or industry you are in because the principles are the same. You see, you
are the expert in your industry. I am the expert who will bring the best out in you. I will work with you to create the formula it takes to make you the best you can be.

The most important factor you need to find when looking into hiring a business coach is the experience they
have with life and business. Now just because someone goes to college and studies business does not mean
they know the ins and outs of what it takes to be successful and make money. You want someone who has felt
the worry of where the next dollar is going to come from. You want someone who knows what it feels like to
fail and fall so hard to the ground that it hurts. You want someone who is angry because they have tried
over and over again to create something from nothing but all too often goes back to the nothing. But most of
all you want someone who can take a good look at all the mistakes and after so many years of trial and
error know what it really takes to build a business.

They cannot teach failure at university. Have I ever failed? Yes! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
and for me, more eager to succeed. Throughout the ten years of owning my windscreen replacement business
in the automotive industry, I gained more knowledge of what is going on in the field of small business more
than what any university can teach. Yes I have the written qualifications in business but the qualifications do
not do its justice to what it takes to be successful and bring in the sales. I am a teacher of universal laws
which I discovered in my darkest days of living. Through my own experience I was on the verge of losing
everything I had worked so hard for. I had two options. Rebuild my struggling windscreen business or
work for someone else. The choice I made was to rebuild my business. This is when I had discovered how
to take control over all my circumstances and what it really takes to be successful. From this experience and
my experience of talking to struggling business owners on a regular basis I realised that I could help them.
I cracked the code of such simple ways to getting what you really want from owning a business without all
the jargon.

You do not have to be reaching a million dollars in revenue to hire me. In fact you can be bringing in
enough just to get by and let me take you to that million. I am all for the small business owner and we start
with nothing but a dream.