Feng Shui Consultation

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art of designing your environment according to the principles of energy flow. It has now grown far beyond China and has become a well- recognised philosophy in the Western World, and way of life for many successful companies and entreprenaurs. By applying the methods of Feng Shui to your property all aspects of your life will become more balanced, harmonious and successful.


“The most fundamental and universal law is that everything is made of energy vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore, in accordance with this law, everything must be interrelated” (Nicole Bijlsma)


Our home and workplace are affecting the condition of our lives. Your interior and exterior surroundings of your property are causing an effect on your mental and physical health, relationships with all people, your wealth, your success, even your ability to accomplish all the work you need to get done every day. Every aspect of your life is affected by the placement of furniture and objects within your property. You are attracting into your life the energy force of the things that surround you such as the positioning of your furniture, front entrance, even colours have a profound effect on your life.


Apart from the importance of creating a home and place of work with good Feng Shui to begin living a well-balanced life, the initial audit of your property tells a storey of how your life circumstances are showing up. A Feng Shui report is an opportunity to recognise where you’re at in life and a great way to acknowledge any changes you want to make. To begin the journey of discovering your storey and apply the art of Feng Shui to your home or business make a booking.

Feng Shui consultation prices are as follows:

  • Residential property $880.00
  • Small business $880.00
  • Medium business $2999.00


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