How to Start a Business

December 10, 2017 Business 0 Comments

How to Start a Business: Simple Steps to Reach Success

In this day and age it is so important to learn how to start a business. Working for yourself gives you the power of your own life and freedom of choice. But the barrier that arises when trying to create a business is the answer to what needs to be done in order for the accomplishment of all your goals; that is to bring into existence the flow of sales and business operations to set the foundation of an operating business.

The benefit of working for yourself is the endless possibilities of increased wealth and the choice of hours worked. In particular, you become your own boss! But it doesn’t mean that you can own a business without having to work for it. And the money you make in the beginning isn’t too enticing either. It’s a challenge to keep pushing yourself without seeing any money and especially when you don’t know what to do after the basic set up is done. That’s when most people give up.

The following information is your basic business set up. But once you have completed all the tasks of registering your business name and so on, then comes what most people in this world cannot accomplish, and that is to watch the business grow. This is where I come in! The Business Code is a blog to teach you the magic of life and how you can tap into it. You have everything you need to grow whatever sized business you want.

To get started here are some simple steps to take in order to make it happen:

First steps

  1. Brainstorm your business ideas
  2. Discover who your customers are
  3. Check in with some competitors to ensure you have a solid industry
  4. Get to know the law of attraction and feng shui

Once you have determined your products or services then commit to the following:

  1. Register your business name
  2. Register your business with the government
  3. Open your business bank account
  4. Create a business plan
  5. Build your image
  6. Research the legalities relating to your industry
  7. Gather all the resources required to carry out each sale
  8. Start marketing according to the business plan

So, keep in mind starting a business happens in 2 stages. The first stage being the decision of what you will offer based on some simple research to ensure you will make money. And the second stage being the creation process of taking action to each little step. NOTHING will happen if you don’t make the decision to start taking action!


BRAINSTORMING IDEAS: If you haven’t already decided what you will be offering then make a list of simple services you could offer to begin your business journey. Once you have an idea of your products or services write down all the amazing thoughts that come to mind and keep that list as part of your plan. Anything that comes to mind, write it down!

DISCOVER WHO YOUR CUSTOMERS ARE: Have a really good think about the types of people or even other businesses or whomever you can think of that could potentially need or want your products or services. Try to create several different groups to identify the many markets that may be available to suit your advertising strategies.

RESEARCH YOUR COMPETITION: Researching the competition gives you an insight of the industry. Sometimes we can have really good ideas, however, the wrong path could be taken. Get to know the industry and how others are making money. This is a vital stage for a unique idea that you may not be able to afford to skip.


Preparing a business plan is crucial for your success. And creating some kind of marketing activity plan will help you know what to do when you think you don’t know what to do. For example as part of your marketing you may decide to simply walk around the neighbourhood delivering flyers. So when you think what can I do now, grab a bunch of pamphlets and start walking. This is where the knowledge of the law of attraction helps for you to understand that your energy of simply taking action brings results. Every action you take for the sake of growing your business must by law produce the results of growth, whether it is for the present moment or for the future.

The Business Code represents universal laws such as the law of attraction, increase, sacrifice and many more, along with the philosophies of feng shui, but most importantly, we stand for all people to strive and live their dreams. If you want to grow a business for real and reach success then you need a greater understanding of how your thoughts, actions, beliefs and by the design of your environment affect your circumstances. So it actually is easy to start a business, but the real question is how to grow a business, how to give a business life by selling whatever it is you’re going to sell. Your number one priority to move forward is to discover life!

The absolute key to starting a business is your decision to take action by committing yourself every day to the tasks that need to be done. You cannot expect anything to grow if you don’t feed it! And know that your intent and action no matter what, no matter how, will create the outcome of your goals. Just be patient, and never give up! And then what comes next after learning how to start a business is How to Increase your Business Sales!