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Make a Difference

Give a man a fish, You feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, You feed him for life. Lao tzu


make a difference

We have sponsored a young boy from Tanzania who is doing very well and is now eating regular meals and attending school to gain an education. We wanted to make a difference in a young child’s life.

Our little sponsored child is named Juma. We found Juma on the world vision website. World vision is a wonderful charity who has, and will continue to change the lives of many people all around the world. Of course for them to continue with their great work they need you.

You can make a difference!


It is however far more important to give of your time rather than your money to someone who is in need to learn and understand how to sustain a healthy life. Giving a homeless man ten dollars may feed him today but giving a homeless man courage, hope and knowledge will lift his spirits and bring him out of homelessness all together.


By understanding the law of receiving you will know that you receive in life exactly what you give. It doesn’t matter whether you are giving money, love or even complaint and hate you will have this come back to you. That is the law! It’s very simple, what goes around comes around.

You can bring into your life more money by giving of your money to charities or people in need. You can also bring more success into your life by helping others realise their own success. If you can learn to become more generous then life will become more generous to you.

homeless youth


The law of giving is very simple, If you want joy give joy, If love is what you seek offer love, If you crave material affluence help others become more prosperous. Deepak Chopra


world vision



Only by giving you are able to receive more than you already have
Jim Rohn

Giving to others makes you feel good. But giving to others is actually working one of life’s greatest laws to ensure that you always have plenty.
Give more money, give more love, give more kindness and give more time. You will see how amazing life truly is.