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The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction

The law of attraction is a universal principle that is connected to all of existence. It radiates throughout the entire universe, and partakes in the cause of the condition of each person’s life. Everything is energy, and all things, including us human beings, transmit our energy on a vibration we are in harmony with. Our thoughts, feelings, actions and beliefs send out a signal into the ether that aligns our being to draw in all things that are in harmony with the same vibration.

You can imagine yourself as a living magnet, whatever you give your attention to will be pulled into your life creating the circumstances you face. It’s as simple as understanding the famous quote of Mike Dooley, “Thoughts Become Things.”


There are many principles that work together to bring about the result of what you attract into your life. But it’s crucial to understand the key element to the law of attraction. That is, you will draw into your life, and business, anything that you give your attention to. If it’s in your constant thought pattern, especially if you’re charging the thoughts with your emotions, they will manifest as your condition. And the universe does not hear whether you want or don’t want something to happen. It responds to your energy. So if you’re giving your attention to the things you don’t want, you’re still radiating the energy of the unwanted things. The magic of the law of attraction will then align you to draw in the unwanted circumstances.

However, life is far more complex and mysterious than just that of the law of attraction. You could fear so many things, and never manifest the circumstances of your fear. Don’t allow yourself to get too swept up on this philosophy! The best thing you can do when discovering the magic of life is trying to maintain a positive attitude. A positive attitude will send you on a more harmonious journey through life.

Mike Dooley

If you want a successful business, it’s simple. Stay focused on the success. Be patient for the results. Push yourself through the tough times by coming back every time you get knocked down. And work like you’ve never worked before. Millionaires don’t sleep in. And most of them go into the day with a to do list. You will not become successful by just thinking about it! But yet, you will become successful by doing something about it. And you will attract the results of all your goals!

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