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The Business Code

Business is a game… learn how to play it!
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Explore the magic life has on offer. The universal law and feng shui can change everything.

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The fire you can have in the beginning of chasing a dream ignites you each and everyday to not give up. It pushes you right to the edge of your potential where sitting down to take a break isn’t an option. It’s like an addiction that you can’t settle until you achieve. You think, live, breathe the hope and faith that someday your empire will be built. As much as the day comes that tries to destroy you with drama, you wake again, only to go right back to work with hope again, that today will be the day.

For far too many of us our dreams are just nothing but wishful thinking, especially for the millions on a mission to build a business. No matter how hard you think you’re trying nothing you do seems to work. The inspiration you once had begins to fade because this vision of your success isn’t manifesting itself; The money just isn’t there, the sales just aren’t enough. Time was ticking over for all the years that you dedicated yourself and tried. But then your eyes open and realize that maybe it’s not going to work, you just don’t know what to do to make a change. As much as the flame of your desire for success starts to die out, there’s just this little light left in you that still tries. 

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