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It was in my darkest days of absolute despair that lead me down a path to explore the mysteries of the universe, and all its teachings of life’s laws and Feng Shui. With an opened mind I was willing to do whatever possible, to climb my way out of the deep hole I slowly crawled my way into. My life had changed forever. Everything began to grow, and my dreams of building an empire had suddenly shown light to a pathway of lessons to be learnt, in order for the progress of achieving success at its absolute highest. I was willing to learn and discover all that was possible to align my business in harmony with the flow of good health, and wealth. Through applying the methods of Feng Shui and following a business plan, I discovered that we have this tremendous power to bring about the condition of our lives, and business. We are the creators and dictators of our circumstances. By knowing this, my business began to flourish.

My name is Kelly Bru, I grew up in Western Sydney Australia and still call Sydney home! I was only nineteen years of age when my husband and I began the journey of building a small business. Over the years I have definitely had my fair share of succeeding and failing. My challenges have helped me grow into the person I am today and my willingness to learn all that I can about what it takes to succeed has opened the door to the world of Feng Shui and Business Planning. I have successfully achieved certification in Business Studies and have studied Feng Shui through Australia’s only government accredited college where I received the highest level of quality teaching in Feng Shui Foundations, Advanced Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology and Geobiology. Apart from gaining credentials to be the best business consultant I can be I have endured what it takes to grow a business on the front line, something no university degree can teach you!

Your attitude and environment play a role when on a
mission to create something from nothing.

“Do, everyday, all that can be done that day.” Wallace D. Wattles