The Business Code
The Business Code
Business is a game… learn how to play it!

The Business Code

The Business Code offers a complete solution for you to create success at its absolute highest by working with your man luck (mindset sessions) earth luck (Feng Shui) and heaven luck (astrology), known as your cosmic trinity. Whether you’re starting or operating your own business, want to become an influencer, or build your own brand as an artist, model or singer, or you may simply just want to build your wealth. Whatever it is that your dreams are we can help you make it happen.


According to Chinese metaphysics our lives are governed by three separate but unified forces that influence our journey throughout life known as Heaven Luck, Earth Luck and Man luck. The philosophy of the Cosmic trinity states that your destiny is governed equally by each factor. However, your Man Luck is causal whereas your Earth Luck reflects the circumstances you are creating, and your Heaven Luck reflects the life themes you are navigating.

By understanding how critical these three lucks are and working your energy in accordance to their principles, you can completely shift the condition of your life by taking a path of your choice to become your actualised self.


Heaven Luck
The influence of Heaven Luck comes from the heavens and is also known as the Cosmic or Universal Qi. This is both the mental and physical blueprint that you inherited at birth. It is the potential you have as an individual and is based on three factors: genetics and therefore your susceptibility to certain illness; astrology: the planetary influence that shape your personality and previous karma (past life).


Earth Luck
Earth Luck represents the environmental influences that affect your everyday life. This includes the influence of land forms, weather changes, magnetic poles, geopathic stress, colour, shapes, architecture of buildings and many other earthly energies. Earth Luck is determined by;


  • The state of the world at the time of incarnation – world peace or war?
  • Prosperity and political climate of the country you were born in
  • Feng Shui of the home and work environment


Your Feng Shui and therefore the buildings you live and work in, reflect your Heaven and Man Luck.


Man Luck
This is the most important of all influencers and is determined by how charitable you are, self-education and what you think, do and believe. Your mindset is the cause of what you attract in your life.



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