What is Feng Shui

Life is truly amazing. We have the ability to transform our lives not only by the way we think, act and feel, but also by our environment. In fact, the way we think, act and feel is influenced by our environment! Our home and workplace is affecting the condition of our lives. Your interior and exterior surroundings of your property are causing an effect on your mental and physical health, relationships with all people, your wealth, even your ability to accomplish all the work you need to get done each day. Every aspect of your life is affected by the placement of things within your environment, so no matter how positive you try to think and act, your environment is contributing to the circumstances you face each day. You are attracting into your life the energy force of the things that surround you such as the positioning of your oven, master bedroom, master bed and the front entrance of your home and workplace. Even colours and shapes have a profound effect on your life.

Feng Shui (pronounced fung shway) interacts with your personal energy and your environment whether you’re aware or not. It affects you every moment of the day. The purpose of discovering Feng Shui and to apply this method to your home and workplace is to strategically influence improving all your life areas, by positioning your surroundings to be favourable in creating a more positive flow of natural energy. The results of creating a space to have good Feng Shui is a more balanced, harmonious, successful life. Your business could go from struggling to empire simply by shifting the arrangement of your environment. Feng Shui is not a religion and it is also not associated with magic. It is the ancient Chinese art of designing your environment based on energetic principles that contribute to the outcome of your daily life experiences such as your finances, career, relationships and health. “The most fundamental Universal law is that everything is made up of Qi (energy) vibrating at different frequencies. Therefore in accordance with this law, everything must be interrelated.”

Feng Shui began in China centuries ago and has made its way to the West as its practice has influenced the lives of many successful entrepreneurs and celebrities all around the world. The process of having a Feng Shui analysis of your home or workplace is by analysing both your exterior and interior environment. The analysis determines which sections of the house fall into the eight compass directions to determine the influence each area of the property will have on your life areas which are called the nine sectors.

  • Heart of the home (which radiates to all sectors)
  • Family relationships and health sector
  • Wealth and abundance sector
  • Fame, reputation and respect sector
  • Marriage and partnerships sector
  • Children, dreams and plans sector
  • Helpful people and support sector
  • Career sector
  • Knowledge and self awareness sector

By having us analyse your property you can change your life! You could be a business that just can’t seem to increase your cash flow and the reason being is simply because the property you’re in has a bad water star at the front entrance. We can remedy this situation for you and give you the best possible advice by conducting a Feng Shui analysis of your property. For best results it is important to do both your home and workplace as your home has a profound effect on the condition of your life and your work place has a profound effect on the condition of your business.