Geomancy Audit

What is geomancy?


Geomancy has been used by many groups of people around the world including Aboriginals since ancient times. It is a spiritual connection to the earth as such geomancy acts as a bridge between the spirit of the people and the spirit of the earth. It is this method that is used as a tool to discern and influence the health of the earth spirit of an area. The earth is alive in an energetic and geomantic sense. An imbalanced landscape can have an impact on many life aspects of the occupants in such a case. It is the role of a geomancer to find any imbalances and apply remedies to solve any geopathic stresses that may be present within your home or work place. Geomancy is simply earth divination.


Geopathic stress is a variety of energies emanating from the earth that may cause discomfort or ill health on human beings, animals and plants. There are even geopathic stresses such as negative ley lines that are channels of negative energy created by thought and charged by emotion that connect you to people you’d much rather have no connection with. Geopathic stress can become a negative influence on families or businesses as negative energies can create negative circumstances. Some of the causes of geopathic stress is underground streams of water, cracks in the earths surface, explosions, quarrying, tunnelling, scenes of trauma and disturbance of the earth’s energy field just to name a few.



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