Space Clearing

Our homes and business premises reflect ourselves. Our personal spaces tell a storey of our interests, our beliefs, our hesitations, our spirit, our passions and even our mental state of being. It can be a place of renewal and hope, a sanctuary within which you can retreat, recharge, heal and rejuvenate. You can create a home or work place to be a temple of harmony within which you can raise the vibration to a higher level of spiritual frequency. Creating a sacred space within your home and place of work is essential as it is our personal space within the universe.


To create your sacred space, you need to be aware that everything is energy, you are not separate from the world around you and everything has consciousness. By understanding this you will then be aware that your home and work place is composed of energy, it is not separate from you, it is an evolving being. Your home is a “Being” with which you can communicate. It can provide you and your family with protection, healing, harmony, success and growth in all aspects of life. (Linn. D, 2005) Your home plays a vital role in the condition of your life, even when you are not there, you are always connected to your home no matter where you are in the world, and that connection can be a positive or negative influence depending upon the energetic qualities radiating throughout your home. Your place of work is also influencing you.


Creating a sacred space is a process by which you balance your energetic and physical environment to support you on all levels. To balance the energetic environment space clearing is a method which will remove stagnant and unwanted energies that become stored within your home or business. A banishing ritual is also a method used to banish negative emotions and thoughts that can become stagnant residues within your space. Upon removing negative energies, a house or business blessing is the process of invoking positive energies into the home or business that creates a more harmonious environment. This is done by method of rituals and four corner blessings.


The benefits of creating a sacred space


  • Changing the energy of your home and work place changes the energy of your life. Life flows much better with clear space.
  • Space clearing removes stale energies that can have a negative impact on your life such as stagnated emotions of worry, stress, anger and sadness.
  • The house or work place feels more relaxed and calmer which influences your day to day life experiences.
  • It brings to your life emotional balance.
  • A clear home becomes a place to recharge and heal.
  • Clear space helps you be the best version of yourself which contributes to achieving all your dreams and goals.

Cost $550.00 residential property and small business premises


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